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It is with great pleasure that we present our new website. We hope you will find useful information on these pages, not to mention inspiration to visit us! A journey to Nordkapp is a journey you will never forget - a journey that has been done for centuries, and which is equally exciting every time. You come to what has been described as the end of the world - the northernmost of Europe.

Midnight Sun and Northern Lights

You will find a spectacular landscape, a nature of breathtaking beauty and still so delicate that it can sometimes be hard to leave it. The immense contrasts will make it a unique experience. In summer there are 24 hours of daylight, and in winter northern lights are dancing across the sky.

Practical information

Whether you have been with us before, or this is the first time, we encourage you to read through our practical information. It will prepare you for the Arctic adventure. Looking for accommodation? We recommend our partners Scandic Hotels. If you want to know more about sights and activities check out what awaits in the vicinity of Nordkapp.

Always welcome

Nordkapp was once an inaccessible destination - a destination for adventurers, royalty and expeditions. Today boats, planes and buses make this legendary place a popular destination. We know you will enjoy it. And you are always welcome - summer and winter - to the northernmost of continental Europe.

Welcome to Nordkapp!