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THE AURORA CONVOY MENU is Available from 19:00 to 20:00, 7 days a week.

Choice of main course:

Pork roast and vegetable stew ‘Svinekjøtt lapskaus’. A thick Norwegian stew of meat potatoes and seasonal vegetables served with lingonberries, bread and butter. Sl, Su    
345 NOK including dessert

Sautéed reindeer ‘Finnbiff’. A traditional meal of Lapland, reindeer back cooked until tender with mushrooms, bacon and juniper berry, served with potato puree, fresh greens and lingonberries. L  
365 NOK including dessert

Fish soup ‘Fiskesuppe med pinnekjøtt’. Unique to the region, this is made with fish balls, salt & air cured lamb rib, potato and carrots in a white béchamel sauce. Served with bread and butter. G, L, F   
375 NOK  including dessert

Reindeer shank ‘Bidos’. A Sami meat soup, prepared with slow braised reindeer shank, carrots, onion and potato. Served with bread and butter.  G
450 NOK including dessert

Dessert: Vanilla panna cotta with stewed Arctic cloudberries and waffle crumble. L, G, E

Please note: Booking required in advance. Minimum of 12 guests. Entire group must order the same main course.

Allergies: G=Gluten L=Lactose E=Eggs S=Shellfish F=Fish P=Peanuts N=Nuts So=Soy SL=Celery Sn=Mustard Se=Sesame Su=Sulfites Lu=Lupines B=Molluscs