Bird Safari

One of Europe's largest and most accessible seabird colonies. Experience the countless birds that nest, dive and fly at Gjesværstappan nature reserve. See the mighty eagles soar in search of prey, while puffins, guillemots, razorbills, guillemots and gannets fill the horizon.

King Crab Safari

A safari around Nordkapp in search of King crabs, a crab that measures up to 2 meters between the claws. Rafting in the fjord of Sarnes with a subsequent trip to the straits of Magerøya with its strong currents. Make a ​​landfall and prepare the catch in a Sami tent and enjoy the fresh produce of the ocean.

Deep Sea Rafting

Experience Magerøya and Nordkapp by boat. Rafting from Honningsvåg towards Helnes and Nordkapp, a fantastic way to see the landscape. Helnes is one of Norway's northernmost lighthouses and is situated on a promontory east of Nordkapp. Experience Nordkapp from the sea and the towering impression as it rises towards the sky.

Snowmobile safari

A safari through a fantastic Arctic landscape to Nordkapp. The trip can be combined with accommodation in the lighthouse at Helnes, where you are served a good breakfast, dinner and get to experience our hot tub and sauna.

Art gallery

On the way to the steep cliffs of Nordkapp is the gallery East of the Sun. You will find it in the fishing village of Kamøyvær. The gallery includes arts, gifts, crafts and books, inspired by the coast of Finnmark and the seasons that characterize it.

Ice bar

Experience the Arctic winter and ice in the middle of summer. Arctico ice bar gives a taste of the North Norwegian winter, enjoy the winter atmosphere, slide presentation and tasty refreshments. The ice bar brings you in close contact with the Arctic ice.

Christmas House

Get into the spirit of Christmas and visit Santa's gift shop. A cozy Christmas and winter house offering decorations, crafts and knitwear. The Christmas House is situated in the fishing village of Skarsvåg.


Nordkapp Museum presents and documents the fisheries, culture and history of Nordkapp and its surrounding area. You will find exhibitions portraying fishing, fish processing, tourism and the daily life of coastal Finnmark. The museum is located in Honningsvag.