The Arctic adventure.

Experience nature in an intense and exciting way - join in the hunt for King crabs, sea rafting or a snowmobile safari to Nordkapp. Travel through breathtaking scenery, visit picturesque fishing villages and become acquainted with the culture of Northern Norway.

More time

The Arctic summer is full of opportunities, and 24 hours of daylight offers more time to explore. More time to see majestic eagles soar across the sky, to visit the Sami people and art galleries, to explore the landscape and historical exhibitions. More time brings more adventure.

Northern Lights

Arctic winter with endless white plains, blue sky and raging sea. Frozen landscapes and blazing lights. Steep mountain cliffs that plunge into the Arctic Ocean - and at the furthest one the very north of continental Europe.

Once in a lifetime

As the ultimate journey for explorers and royalty in the past, Nordkapp is today a major destination. Each year more than 200,000 travelers completes the journey to the far north. And they all experience the same. A powerful journey of light, contrasts and breathtaking scenery.

Your adventure begins at Nordkapp!