A spectacular movie experience.

The film takes you on a journey through the four seasons of Nordkapp, through a breathtaking landscape filled with contrasts, light and magnificent scenery. It is lyrical and spectacular at the same time.

Seasons of the north

From the arctic blue winter, where northern lights fill the sky, to the warm golden summer with midnight sun and endless ocean. Light and contrasts, all tied up to the people. For generations people lived in unity with nature. It is these stories that makes the movie experience unforgettable.

Duration and background

The film is shown on a 125-degree canvas and lasts for 14 minutes. The film is produced by Nordisk Film. The director is Hallgrim Haug while the music is composed by Atle Halstensen, Svein Schultz and Herman Rundberg. The film premiered at Nordkapp May 19th in 2009 and can be watched in Nordkapphallen every day of the year.

Bring the movie home

The Panorama movie can be purchased on DVD. You find it in our gift shop.


Welcome to a breathtaking movie experience!