A community for all travelers

For centuries adventurers have traveled to Nordkapp. Perhaps you will be one of them. All who visit the cliff are given the opportunity to become a member of The Royal Club of Nordkapp. The membership comes with a diploma, a pin and the right to obtain other items. The club was established on June 7th 1984.

Nature, tradition and culture

The purpose of The Royal Club of Nordkapp is to take care of nature, traditions and culture associated with Nordkapp - and to protect Nordkapp as a tourist destination. The club has a dedicated environmental fund that contributes to this. The club also provides scholarships to local young people who educate in tourism.

Terms and Privileges

Membership can only be granted by personal appearance at Nordkapp. To purchase a membership, please contact the reception desk at Nordkapp. Travel groups are advised to book in advance. All members of the Royal Club of Nordkapp is given a lifelong free entrance to Nordkapp.

The Royal Club of Nordkapp
PO Box 354
N-9751 Honningsvag
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