The great adventure.

For centuries Nordkapp has been the great adventure for travelers. As a majestic landmark and a major destination it has drawn explorers, royalty and tourists to the north. The steep mountain cliff rises 307 meters above the Arctic Ocean, and marks the end point of the European mainland.

Polar twilight

Experience endless days in summer and the soft veil of polar twilight in winter. The shimmering beauty of the northern lights will forever captivate you. The intensity of the midnight sun will show you shores rich with bird life, grazing reindeer and a breathtaking scenery.

Road to the north

A once difficult and dangerous journey is now safe and comfortable. Yet the excitement is still there. Cars, boats, planes or buses will take you through a magnificent and dramatic landscape. On the way to the steep cliffs of Nordkapp the view is fascinating. A landscape of rich contrast and majestic Arctic beauty.

100% experience

You will find a modern visitor center at Nordkapp. Enjoy from the Arctic kitchen with fresh produce straight from the Barents Sea, watch the impressive panoramic film and reach the globe at the very edge of continental Europe. This is where Europe ends and the endless begins.

Once in a lifetime

Nordkapp has always been the great journey. A journey you make once in a lifetime - and then over and over again. A journey through light, nature and history, a visit to a monumental mountain cliff.


Welcome to Nordkapp!