The weather is ever changing at Nordkapp. It can shift from sunshine to foggy and back again in moments. Strong winds can sweep the mountain plateau and then calm again. Therefore it is important to take precautions. Check out the weather forecast. Contact the local tourist information for more information.


The average temperature in summer is 10 degrees Celsius, up to 25 degrees at the warmest. In winter the average temperature of about minus 3 Celsius, down to minus 15 on the coldest. Beware of wind chill and that felt temperature will often be much lower.


There is always a risk of local fog banks along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Fortunately, the wind tends to blow it away. There is always a spectacular view of the scenery and the midnight sun in our panorama film - even in winter.

Clothing in winter

It is important to dress properly in winter. To make your stay at Nordkapp as comfortable as possible, we recommend that you dress for the conditions. Bring warm and comfortable clothing. The use of wool or similar quality is recommended. Wear several layers of clothing to easily regulate the temperature by removing or adding layers. It is recommended that outerwear is lined and windproof. If you intend to stay outside for extended periods of time, we recommend the following: Winter shoes, gloves or mittens, hat, winter jacket and trousers that are windproof, woolen socks, long underwear and a thick sweater, preferably of wool or similar quality.


You can read the weather forecast for Nordkapp here