Vulnerable Beauty

The nature at Nordkapp provides powerful experiences, but it is also vulnerable. Rare plants are delicate and given a short growing season. Arctic animals and birds need protection. Summer is only a few months. Give nature a chance - respect it. All travel outside of marked trails requires extra attention.

Protect Nordkapp

It is important to us that the nature at Nordkapp is protected. We kindly ask all travelers to treat the outdoor area with care and consideration. Please leave the natural surroundings in the state you would like to find it. This is especially important when traveling and spending overnights in tents or mobile homes.

Five simple rules

1.     Construction of stone cairns destroys soil and vegetation and is therefore seen as destructive. Please do not build stone cairns.

2.     Do not pick plants or gather bird eggs. These may be threatened.

3.     Do not leave rubbish or other objects behind in nature.

4.     Motorized traffic off roads or designated parking is not allowed.

5.     We strongly advise against climbing at Nordkapp. The quality of rock and soil makes this dangerous. Traffic outside fenced areas is prohibited.

Thank you for caring

We appreciate your responsible approach to nature. It is important that the vulnerable nature of the arctic is protected. We look forward to your visit - welcome to Nordkapp.