Nordkapp is situated in a subarctic climate. Nevertheless, the temperature is higher in winter than in other places of similar latitude. The reason is the Gulf Stream. The warm water provides ports free of ice and rich fisheries in winter.

Alpine vegetation

The vegetation is rich and varied despite a short growing season. Nordkapp is located north of the tree line, but has hundreds of plant species, some of which are very rare. Typical mountain flora grows down at sea level.

Animals and birds

One of Europe's largest bird sanctuaries is located nearby Nordkapp. You will find among other birds sea eagles and puffins there. You will also find mink, otter, hare and weasel. In the summer months from April to September grazing reindeer are often observed around the mountain plateau of Nordkapp.

Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

The light is characterized by large contrasts. 24 hours of daylight in summer to polar night in winter. There is always something that will captivate you, from the immense northern lights that fill the sky, to sunshine in the middle of the night.

Welcome to Nordkapp!